Thank you so much for your loving book and sharing so much.

When my pomeranian, Aurelius. died as a result of multiple organ failure at the age of thirteen, my husband and I were heartbroken. My husband had been a somewhat reluctant dog owner, but cried as mush as I did to lose our “puppy”.
The house seemed empty that January and my husband began scouring the internet in search of another pup to love. We had about resigned ourselves to a long wait for a nearby litter of pomeranians to be ready when someone suggested trying petfinder.com. It seemed impossible that anyone would put a beloved pet, much less a pomeranian, in a shelter, but I tried.

Much to my surprise a shelter near us featured a young adult pomeranian who was in need of a home. We went to the shelter’s adoption event that very day and met “Picasso”. He seemed aloof not at all like our beloved Aurelius, who wa always quick to offer a friendly tail wag and bark.

The lady in charge of the event told us that “Picasso” had suffered a loss too, that his mistress had died suddenly (the same week as Arelius) and that her family had dropped him at a shelter (a kill shelter). Seems we had misjudged him and that we had grief in common with this pom-boy. What we had mistaken for aloofness was the sorrow and confusion that we were experiencing too!

We adopted Picasso, renamed him Topsy, and healed together. It took Topsy months to bark and be happy, but he has become as affectionate and loyal a friend as we could have dreamed of.

And somewhere, maybe, our Aurelius realizes that our inability to be without a dog is a tribute to him.

Cara from NJ