My story is about my beloved Petey, my lovebird. His parents were captured after being let go by some irresponsible people….he was one of 5 that I adopted…he was with me for 7 years, and then I came home one day only to find him dead in the bottom of his cage…I was devastated. He was a wonderful pet, believe it or not..affectionate, funny, loving and a great companion….he survived almost losing a toe, eating creme rinse and terrible allergies….I have had other pets but he was the first to die in my care….so now I have a cat named Sammie who I rescued from a shelter…she is 10 now and just as you said in your book, I am watching and waiting for any sign of illness….she is my little baby, and my 86 year old father who lives with me loves her dearly as well…..she is just like a dog in that she looks to us to play and love her and follows us around the house….I want to enjoy the rest of her life and not have this anticipatory worry….I almost finished reading your book and love it, but I really couldn’t stop crying…I felt as though I were there with you….I am looking forward to your Dec 1st booksigning….sorry for going on so, but like you, these animals are my babies….

Nancy from NJ