I jsut wanted to let you know that I finished “Rescuing Sprite” last night with tears sptraming down my face. My wife asks, “Why do you read something that will get you depressed”? I responded, “This is a book about love. I HAVE to read it!”

Our family has a Pomeranian named Pepper. He will be 11 years only any day now, not sure of the date, but he was born sometime in November or early December of 1996. We got him for the kids for Christmas in 1998.

He suffers from epilepsey, which is somewhat controlled with the Phenobarbital prescribed twice daily. He loves he “daily medicine”, which is given to him in a clump of cheese. He is also starting to show signs of age, and another, perhaps mental abnormality that affects his ability to move his hind legs (until you offer him a “NACK” (the baby talk we use for his snacks or treats he gets for going outside and coming right back. When he hears the work nack, he suddenly forgets he cannot move his hind legs and all is well!

He, too, provides us unconditional love. Is so excited when we come home, or when I have to travel (a couple of days each week), he jumps all around and in my lap, licking my face continutally welcoming me home.

Thank you for your book you gave to the world!

Good Bless You and your family. Happy Haunukkah and Merry Christmas!

Clayton from FL