Dear Mark,
My dad told me what you went thought with your dog. So he told me to contact you some how and tell you my story of all of my three dogs that died within a year and a half of each other.

My first dog died when I was 11 years old!! She was a Dalmatian her name was Pepper. I got her when I was 4 years old we got her at a local pet shelter. She was my Christmas present. When I was about 10 years old her health started to decline. So my family and I all knew that she was going to die. Then when my family and I went on a trip to Missouri and she had died while we were gone.

The next dog was either lost or killed by coyotes! We found him on a cold day in February along the road! He was about 3 weeks old when we found him. He was a fawn colored Wired Haired Terrier. His name was Tramp because he looked exactly like the dog Tramp off of Disney’s Lady and the Tramp. We had him for about four years then he suddenly he was gone one day and we don’t know what happend.

The next dog that died was my dog Spunky Boy (registered name). He was a tri color Jack Russel Terrier. I got him when I was about 6. We had him for five years. He was an awesome hunting dog he hunted ground hogs, raccoon, muskrat, and many other small critters. Then on terrible day my uncle shot him on for no reason!!!!!!! The uncle has been disowned for my family!!!!!!!!!!! :o Now he has been convicted on a federal offense. I will NEVER forgive!!!

 Samantha from Indiana