Pepe Was my first dog as an adult. He was with me almost 17 yrs (1/3 of my life)
When he was 10, I mated him with Tasha, a beagle/chiwawa mix. (he was pomeranian/chow 25lbs)

Of the the four puppies that survived, we chose FIFI, who looked like a bat, her ears were so big. The owner of Tasha was going to put her down, and keep a puppy. So we took Tasha into our family, and had mother, father, & baby! Tasha was very old, and we had to send her to heaven, after 4 years wth us. Mark, I had to wear sunglasses at the vet, I was crying so bad.

Last year PEPE had to go to heaven, and My wife & I
Spent his last moments on Earth together. It was hard, but it was what he deserved, for the the pleasure he gave us.
FIFI is 7 yrs old, and I’m eager to find a puppy to keep her young, and keep her company. I have a piece of Pepe, with Fifi, and know I am blessed to have these wonderful creatures sharing my life.

Plus since I trained, them, they are all conservative dogs!

Mitch from NY