Mark I want to extend my sympathy on the loss of sprite, I to had to have my dog put to sleep and held her as they did it, I said to my future son in law I would never get another dog, the vet heard me and knew i loved Beagles, I couldnt afford to buy one, well a few says later he calls and tells me he has one for adoption of course I did just that, not long after that I lost my voice due to spasmodic dysphonia and it seems that Penny was the only one who could understand me.


I spent alot of time with her she was such a comfort to me at the time I needed someone, unfortunatley she was killed by a car at my sisters house I had gone out and my nephew opened the door and she ran looking for me, I have since adopted and bought dogs but will never forget Penny, as I know you will always remember sprtie, there is nothing like the love of a dog, your book was both sad and happy I laughed smiled and cried thru the book but loved it, thank you for the book!


Barbara from NY