Penny the chihuahua lived in my home for 6 short months. I was her 4th and final foster home. I had applied to foster her the early spring of 1999 when I noticed her poster: “Won’t somebody give penny a home?” I met a wonderful woman, Pat who ran a foster organization. She informed me that Penny had been adopted but that she(Pat) had a bad feeling about the people. Something was amiss. In September 1999 Pat called me distraught. Penny had been abused in her home…one of the women was mentally ill. Could I help? Indeed I did, but when I met Penny I knew she did not have much time left and I vowed to make it good for her. The people had broken Pennys little ankles so she had to walk on her wrists a very painful thing. She had heart failure and she was a fear biter. In a month she trusted me enough to sit in my lap as I read or worked on the computer. Doctors visits were excruciating for her but necessary. She always put a hole or two in my fingers from her pain and fear. I put her into a babies play pen with an eggshell mattress on top to keep her pain tolerable. She gained weight because her appetite improved. She even wagged her little tail when I came back home after errands. She had a good Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years, even Valentines day! On the 20th of February she had a massive heart attack. I called her vet and started the car to warm it up and remove snow. I worked as fast as I could but she gave a small sigh and departed this life. God bless you little Penny. I am glad you are an angel now out of pain and fear.

Lecia from Washington DC