I just put my Penney down on 9-27-07. I’ve had a very hard time with her gone. I thought I was odd for missing her so much. I got her as a puppy 16 years ago. Sometimes I think the hurt from missing her will never go away. We had a glass table in the kitchen and when we would eat I would see those little eyes looking up at me saying may I have a bite. I find myself looking on the floor at night to see if she is ok. I put her sister down in 2004 and said I would never do that again, but Penney was not doing very good and I didn’t want her to suffer. The day I took her into the vet I held her after the shot was given. She lifted her head and a tear rolled off her face and fell into the pocket of my shirt. She put her head down and went to sleep. I miss my two girls very much. They were my best friends. My daughter ask what I wanted for Christmas and I printed the page off of amazon for her and told her I wanted your book. I’m looking forward to reading your book. Maybe it will hellp me get though this rough time.
Thank you for listening.

Brenda from Ohio