Patches Remembered

About 30 years ago we adopted our wonderful dog Patches from the Humane Society. Since she had been abandoned, we knew nothing of her past and there was no evidence of breed in her appearance. A true mongrel, she had a loving disposition and an unwavering loyalty to her family.

After nearly 16 years, her health was failing and her life drawing to a close. The ache in our hearts was great as we dreaded the day we would have to humanely put her down. A visit to the veterinarian confirmed that her kidneys were failing and an appointment, a final appointment, was made.

The day before, dreading the inevitable, my wife and I comforted each other as we searched for any option there might be for extending Patches life for even just one more day. But there was none. While talking, we looked around and noticed Patches was gone, having been by our side just moments ago.

The back door was open, so I walked thru the yard and gate towards the woods looking for her. As I approached the woods, I looked over and saw her curled up in a ball under a tree. As I walked towards her, I knew what I would find. Sure enough, there was no movement or sign of life. Patches was gone. With a broken heart and tears streaming down my cheeks, I picked her up, held her close to me, and carried her back to the house. After hugging my wife for what seemed like an eternity, we placed her in her bed and drove to the veterinarian’s office for the last time.

How she knew what we were going through, I will never know. I do know, however, that she willed her life to end to spare us the agony we were facing. Her gentle kindness will never, ever be forgotten.

We had other wonderful, loving dogs since, but there will never be another Patches.

Jack from MO