My beloved Patches she is a Bassett Hound is gone now. I found her as a stray at a plant nursery. I had to have her put down. She went blind from a tick disease called Erlickea. I started taking her to the vet in June of 06 because she seemed to be losing weight. In July she still didn’t seem herself and i took her back to the vet and finally by August the vet decided to check her blood for the tick disease. By then she was bleeding from her eyes. My heart was just broken when i learned she would never see again. It has been very hard for me to forgive the vet for not checking her sooner when i first took her to him. I live on a county road with lots of room for her to roam and i couldn’t bear to fence her in. But one morning i couldn’t find her and she was about a half mile from my house and couldn’t find her way home. I was so thankful the coyotes didn’t get her. That was when i had to make the decision to let her go or keep her penned up. I will forever remember her chasing the butterflies in the hay meadow. She was so faithful each day when i returned home from work she would be sitting in front of the house and run to greet me as soon as i opened the car door. I still miss her so much even though its been 15 months.

Linda from Texas