Passionate Personalities

I  love your show ..you are one of the most passionate personalities I have listened to–thank you for all you do!
I relate totally with you and your wonderful dogs. I have been doing Dog rescue for years..I cannot even count the many dogs I have taken in and found homes for. Now I am involved in Dachshund rescue…please let people know that there are private breed rescues all over the US as well as the shelters.

We take unwanted pets from all kinds of situations…elderly who can no longer care for their pets and the family is unwilling to take them in…sorta like throwing away your Grandma but I find homes for them…the oldest one was 17 and he got a great home for his remaining years. I also help dogs that are deaf and blind…they are the most WONDERFUL pets! They are almost easier to train than seeing and hearing dogs cos they follow your every move! The deaf ones go to homes where they “speak” American Sign Language!
I would like to talk a minute about committment.

My dear husband, Bill and I did rescue together in AZ, Fl and WA ( I am from WA State) . He unexpectedly passed away 2-1/2 years ago..leaving me with 8 little dogs. At the time we lived 2 hours North of Seattle and my kids wanted me closer so I ended up moving to where I am now. Everyone told me to ..get rid of your dogs…get rid of your dogs.. Now how could I look any of them in the eye and make a decision of who to “get rid” of. When I take a dog in that I adopt I make a lifetime committment to them. I will care for them thru thick and thin til death do us part. These rescue dogs have already been thru a lot and I cannot call myself a rescuer and dump them because I move or it is inconvenient. They depend on me and I really depend on them ..they are how I kept going after my husband died. Two have passed away from old age and I have 6 now..they go in the car with me and I take them to rescue events so people can see what wonderful pets they are even if they have a disability. I make coats, “Spa” towels, and appliqued coats for humans to support the rescue.! Sometimes it is a struggle moneywise but that is where the committment comes in…You would not oust your elderly parent cos they cost too much or your child…you take care of them and make the sacrifices needed to do what is right by them.

I am eager to read your book..and want to get a few of them for presents for some of my friends and relatives!
Also ..I would love to send you one of my “Spa” towels for your other furkid..they are great to take in the car for muddy paws after a walk!!

God Bless you and your family, Mark!
Hugs, Shelly from WA