Papinone, Elbie

In march /06 we lost our 14 year old black Lab,who had a tumor in his intestine. He went in two weeks, taking us all by surprise. It took me 9 months to stop crying. We had two other small dogs whom we loved and began to slowly recover. Our other dogs also felt the loss and didn’t eat for a while. I hand feed them and lavished more love on them. Just as we were getting it together, our Baby Girl ,a Lasa suddenly became very sick. I took her to the vet and for three days they tried to sabalize her. Her body was shutting down one organ at a time. The vet said she had full blown diabetes. Nothing they could do. That was this passed May. I miss her so. I cry everyday, trying to get thru the rest of my life at age 65. Thank God I have a little Papinone, Elbie. I hope he at 5 will live long.

Linda in VA