My wife and I just ordered your signed book and I wanted to share the story of my first dog. When I was one, my family moved back to the homestead where my father was born. When I was old enough to start wandering around the farm my dad got a mongrel collie pup and named him Pal. Daddy knew he would be busy with farming duties and couldn’t watch me every moment. Daddy would tie a string to my wrist and the other end to Pal so where I went or he went we were togeather. Any time my family needed to find me they would call Pal and and then follow him to where ever I was. One day I was gone for a long time and they got worried and called for me and Pal, I didn’t show up, so the told him to go find Donnie. They followed him down to the pasture where I had gotten stuck in a prairie dog hole and had cried myself to sleep. My dad picked me up and cleaned the tears and dirt off my face and carried me home.
Pal lived to be 15 before he couldn’t get up any more and daddy took him to be put to sleep. We were devasted. My brother was in the army at the time, and when we called him, he went to be by himself and cried like a baby. Our pets are our family.

We are looking forward to reading your book. Thank you,
Don & Susan from TX