Our Rescue Story

A little over 2 years ago we lost our cat of 19 1/2 years to declining health. I was the one to take her to the vet’s office and make the uncomfortable decision to finally put her down. It was a difficult decision but it was also difficult watching her become more and more frail and lethargic with each passing day. Puma was like our first child. My wife and I adopted her as a 6 week old kitten from a family that didn’t want her. She will always be truly missed and remembered.

Once we lost Puma my daughters reminded me of a promise I made to consider getting a dog to replace Puma. So, my research began, and after taking several on-line questionnaires and surveys, a Doberman Pinscher being an active, intelligent, shorthaired large bread dog appeared near the top of each result. Always being a fan of the chiseled noble looks of a Doberman Pinscher we narrowed our search. I discovered several rescues in Ohio and we visited and applied for the adoption process at a Doberman rescue outside Cincinnati. My daughters and I fell in love with a neglected, almost starved-to-death, large female being treated for heartworm. A week later Maddie was ours and we have never regretted the decision.

Contrary to popular belief, Dobes are very good family pets and known for their affection to their human family. Often called Velcro dogs, Maddie is constantly by my side. She’s such a wonderful family pet and my loyal companion.

Maddie had a hard life prior to becoming a part of our family. She came into the possession of a backyard breeder. If you saw Maddie you would know why they wanted her, she is so beautiful. She is large for a female and perfectly proportioned. There was one problem; Maddie was already spayed. The breeder did not to check and once they found she couldn’t have litters they discarded her into the back yard to starve to death. This breeder was turned into authorities and prosecuted for numerous animal cruelty charges. Maddie was found by animal control officers out back nearly dead.

Maddie was then taken to a local animal shelter and nursed back to health. They had to keep her and the other dogs until the criminal case was settled. Once the case was settled the animals have only days in which they can be adopted; this shelter was a kill shelter. Maddie was one day away from being euthanized when the Doberman rescue saved her and continued to nurse her back to health and treat her advanced heartworm infestation.

I never understood how dog people were so fanatical over their pets; after all, I was a cat person for nearly 20 years. Now I understand… Maddie is such a loving and loyal animal, she is my best friend. She may be such an exceptional pet because she knows how good she has it now compared to the inhumane treatment she received prior to being rescued.

Listening to and reading the stories about pet loss has me worried. I can’t bear to think about the day I have to make that drive to the Vet knowing that I may be putting down my wonderful Maddie. I will be devastated. I hope your book helps me when that time comes. Maddie is about 4 or 5 years old so hopefully we should have many more wonderful years with her.

Enjoy the picture of Maddie…

Your Loyal Listener,

Kevin from OH