Mark, I also lost a dog we had for over 15 years. I was only about 9 when we got him but he watched us grow and leave the house, only to return here and there but not like before. Still I loved that dog Bear or Oso depended on what language we used that day. No matter how much I loved him and enjoyed the company, I just cannot get another dog. The experience still haunts me. Just thinking about it almost rips my heart out. The problem is that my wife and kids want a dog. But they have never lost one and I don’t want to go through that ever again. Mark, buddy, what should I do? Thanks for your book.

Chris from MO

3 Responses

  1. Lisa Says:

    Please, get the dog. Some four legged out there needs you. My son is dreading the impending decision we will be making over our old and sick dog Emily. This is what I tell him…”Imagine 2 scales…one is holding joy, the other ..sorrow. Which one is heavier? When I look back at all the dogs we’ve had and have eventually passed away, the memories are joyful, and the sorrow… a distant memory.

  2. Jess Says:

    Please Chris. Take a look at Petfinder.com Talk to people at different shelters and rescues, tell them your lifestyle and wants in a dog, and they will help match you up with a special dog.

    Also consider volunteeering at a shelter. You not only get a great experience and help so much, but that special dog will come along and you will know it.

  3. Anna B. Says:

    Chris –

    I was in a similar situation…scared to love again, knowing that someday I would have my heart ripped out. My children convinced me to bring another dog into our lives. I’m now 2 1/2 years into my new dog and she brings me such joy.

    Do I think about that day I know is to come? Yes, I think about it a couple times a week. But, I’ve found that going through that extreme loss has made me appreciate every moment I spend with my new dog.

    I realize you are probably trying to protect your heart, and the hearts of your family…that is understandable and commendable. However, they should be allowed to experience the highs and the lows of dog ownership. If you think back, there are many more good days than bad…and you should dwell on those, rather than the loss of your old friend.

    You will find that bringing a new friend home is the best way to heal the wound in your heart.