Oscar Lee Magilicuddy

About a year ago my son was walking his girlfriend to her car after she has spent an evening visiting in our home. It was pitch black outside and after he had held the car door open for her he stepped back to let her pull off and almost tripped over something. He reached down and found a black and brown miniature Dachshund.
The little dog had walked up and placed himself at my son’s feet unnoticed in the dark.

He brought the dog into the house and my wife and I were appalled at the condition of the animal. He had evidently been on his own for some time. He was so thin you could count the vertebrae in his tail and all of the fur had fallen off of it.
We have four Weimaraners that are outside dogs and they are great pets which we love dearly. I could just imagine the agony that the owners of the little dog my son had found must be going through.
Of course we took him in and I placed a “Pet Found” ad in the paper the next day. We ran the ad for over a month with no response. With each day that passed the little dog grew stronger and started to get his weight back…and I started becoming more attached to him.

I had resisted giving him a name just knowing that the owners would show up on my doorstep and claim him.
A year later Oscar is still with us. ( I finally broke down and gave him a moniker). The only conclusion that my wife and I could come up with was that the Dachshund was traveling with it’s family and they stopped in town to rest and he got out and they didn’t realize it or they let him out to relieve himself and he got away from them.
I know somewhere there is a dog lover that was broken hearted because they lost their dog and I would love to be able to let them know that I have recaptured my love for dogs because of this little ball of fur. He has more personality than most people that I know. Know, previous owners, that there is not another dog on the planet that is more loved and taken care of then Oscar Lee Magilicuddy. And I promise, he will never have to worry about being alone and lonely again.

Steve from TX