In August 2000 we bought a Jack Russell Terrier named Opie for my 11 year old son. As the years went slowly by, Opie started bonding more with me. Afterall, I am the one that walked him, took him for rides as well as fed him. At the same time, my father’s health started to diminish as well as my parent’s divorced after 48 years. My escape from dealing with all my problems was to walk Opie. Just the getting out & seeing his excitement took my mind off of all the chaos in my life. My parents divorce was finalized in September 2003 & my dad passed away on February 15, 2004. All through this, stood my loyal “Four Legged Wonder” or as I called him “O The Baby.” Little did I know that the storm was just brewing. On March 15, 2006, Opie was diagnosed with Lymphoma. I threw myself into finding out everything possible. I was in total shock at first. I have felt helpless several times in my life & I did not like it at all. Opie responded very well to treatments as well as medicine. He went through 23 of the 24 treatments of the Auburn University protocol. I have never fought so much in my life to defeat such an enemy. My dad passed away due to cancer but it was his choice not to do anything about it. With Opie, I felt totatlly responsible for making the best decisions. Opie did not suffer any until March 2, 2007. It was the toughest decision that I have ever had to make. Here my 6 3/4 year old Jack Russell was not even able to walk or go to the bathroom. If someone ever wants to know what love is, it can be defined by letting go of something that you can not allow to suffer. Even as I am typing this, I am crying because I miss him so much. I have a wonderful husband & two great kids 22 & 18. When we brought Opie home, my daughter was fast becoming an independent teenager with my son not far behind. My kids were pulling away & this little dog was coming toward me. He slowly became My Baby. My husband told me numerous times that Opie lived better than most humans & all dogs. Opie did not know that he was not a human being. I have began several time to sit down & write because I want everyone to know how this little dog helped me through so much in my life. I want to honor him. He came into my life & helped me make it though so many storms. I have been told that for everything there is a purpose & reason. Could it be that was Opie’s purpose? Whatever the reason, I am so thankful that we had a spectatucular 6 plus years. Thank you so much for listening.

Leslie from Alabama