Mark, I just finished your book I also purchased copies for two of my friends who recently lost their beloved friends. The terms were streaming down my face as I read your words. I lost my soulmate Opie 15 years ago. I ;ve had dogs before and since them, but this rescue dog stole my heart from the instant I met him. He was s Briad who was covered in fleas and had one ear that refused to stand up. I thank God everyday that his previous owner left this dog so he could come into my life. I only had him for 7 years before he died of cancer. I brought him home from the vet after a three day stay because I couldnt be without him another minute. The vet told me he was in bad shape and he smelled like death but I wanted him home with me. He died in my arms 2 hours llater. I still cry when I think about the loss but that dog brought so much joy into my life and not a day goes by that I dont think of him and remember how much we loved each other. I often hear people say the “own” their dogs. but I always say “they let me live with THEM” My fox terrier Skippy is my angel now and every day I tell that little guy how much I love him to death. No one will every replace my beloved Opie but you can manage to go on and fill your hearts with love for another furry friend. God Bless you and your family and thanking for sharing your love for Sprite with all of us.

Karen from MI