A few years ago I found myself in my mid-forties living in an apartment after going through a divorce following a 20 plus year marriage. I went dog less for 3 years after the divorce for the first time that I can remember until I finally was able to buy a house with a fenced in yard. I knew it was time and the place was great for getting me a dog. A friend of mine called me and told me that she knew someone who had a 3 year old Cocker Spaniel she was getting rid of because he had behavioral problems and did not get along with her other 2 dogs (I found out later why, he was left always in the yard while the other 2 were pampered inside dogs) and if I was interested in taking him. I met them that night and fell instantly in love with this wild haired, scrawny, neglected, coal black little Cocker. He came home with me that night and had his first bath and de-fleaing in no telling how long. The next day was a hair cut and a trip to the vet. Needless to say he had a heart worm infestation. My vet treated him for the heartworms and after the month long recovery and ensuring he was cleared of the heart worms I had him neutered. Over the last 5 years this little black Cocker has gone from a scrawny 20 pounds to a fat and happy 35 pounds. This is the greatest dog I have ever met and he has changed my life. He lives like a king and the behavioral problems have disappeared with a lot of TLC and spoiling. I enjoy this dog more than I have ever enjoyed any animal in my life. A footnote to the story is his name is Oliver. The original owner (if you want to call her that) named him and I decided to keep this name. A friend of mine was giving me grief when I first got him about his name, tellin me that was a sissy name for a dog. I shot back at him that he was named after Oliver North. My friend shut up. Thanks for your book Mr. Levin. I understand.

Glen from Louisiana