Oh, to have known Sprite.

I have just finished your book and I now know how blessed you were to have had Sprite in your life. What a most special dog he was. And I say that as I look down at my goofball Wheaten Terrier Louie, whom I love with all my heart and am grateful for the chance to be his protector.

But Sprite, oh my, Mark, you have given us a glimpse of a truly special dog. Now, I know we all think the world of all dogs, we appreciate what wonderful creatures they are and treasure them so.

But I also know some dogs really do have hearts of gold; their character shines, their joy is infectious and their trust in us humbles.
They share their gold.

And that’s who I saw as I read about your Spritey.

You have created his legacy for him. You have let us all meet him and now we know that a beautiful spirit graced your life and I thank you for sharing him with us. My heart aches for your loss and for Pepsi’s, too. But I am so happy that you found each other.

Oh, to have known Sprite.

Beth from IL