Oaken, Spunky and Princess Isis

I can relate with you regarding Sprite. Since 2004, I had to have my dog Oaken (13 yrs),
2005, my cat Spunky (11 yrs), Oaken’s best friend and just Monday my car Princess Isis (not sure of age,but at least a senior),. She was a gift from my daughter and son-in-law after Spunky was put down. It is so hard emotioanlly. Princess Isis was having seizures all day Sunday and continued after taking her to emergency pet hospital. The doctors informed me of tests, but those would cost at a lot and no guarantee of the outcome should she go under surgery. I felt the best would be to have her put down.The one consolation, which is very important, is that she had in her last 26 months a good quality of life.
Oaken was given to me by a friend when she 11/2 years old. She was a beautiful Australian Shepherd Mix.
Spunky we got her from a pet shop that was giving the kitttens away that were found
in a dumpster behind the pet shop.
My daugher and son-in-lay also had to put their cat Figaro down in 2006 .

I presently have 2 dogs that i adopted Toby , who I saw before putting Oaken down. I thought it would be a good idea for Oaken to have a friend. The following I had to put Oaken down. That weekend I aaopted Toby, who looked just like a smalled Oaken, but is an Australian Cattle Dog. I adopted Kaysee shortly after moving to Florida from Californai. My daughter and son-in-law got me another kitten shortly after they give me Priness Isis.
These animals are absolutely amazing–almost like little kids. I could write more about my dog and cats past and present. I will say I have learned much from my dogs and cats.

Eva from Florida