My cat came to school to find me. I treach in a Bronx high school. One day as I was coming in, I saw a kitten who kept running into the building every time the door opened. The security guards would throw him out, but everytime someone opened the door he would run back in. I wasn’t going to take him until the guard said, “The kids will mess with him.” So I got a plastic milk crate and a carton of milk an kept him in it in an office until I could take him home. I figured if he was smart enough to keep trying to get IN school. when the kids were always trying to get OUT, that he had to be my kitty. I had lost a dumpster kitty I’d adopted and had for over twelve years just the year before.

I was going to call him Dusty because he had gotten pretty dusty in the builidng but he wouldn’t answer to it. Like all my cat,s he picked hte name he liked (I guess dusty was not macho enough for him) His name is Nutcase, and he is a really friendly cat. He visits all my neighbors. Give him food and he'[s your friend, but mommy is the only one who gets kissed for it.

Judith from NY