Ninja and Buster

I just finished reading Rescuing Sprite. I loved the book and could so relate! I must have gone through ½ a box of tissues.

I grew up with dogs but due to condo living am now a cat owner. Our first cat, Ninja, we had to have put to sleep after 10 years due to a tumor. It was so difficult to do and we still have pictures of her around the house.

Through the last several years we acquired, through rescue and death, 3 cats. A year ago last October, Buster, our youngest, got out and disappeared. We looked and looked for him. We knew he wouldn’t have been taken, as he was too scared of strangers. Eventually we went to the ASPCA where they have lists of found animals. Listed was a black male DOA on the day he went missing near our home.

It was the most devastating thing to not know how he died or why he was where he was. Not only was he the youngest of our cats, he was the funniest with the most character! He made us laugh out loud daily and often many times a day. There has been a void in our home since that day, even though we have the other two cats. It’s been over a year now and the pain has lessened, but I can still get choked up looking at his picture and wishing he would come tearing down the hallway into our bedroom!

Your book depicted the pain and devastation we felt losing Ninja and Buster. I appreciate you sharing your experience and I will treasure the book. Thanks for writing it!

Karen from CA