Today I went to my local off-leash beach to walk my best friend Nikki for her daily exercize. As I was walking back a woman came running up to me and asked if the dog she had a hold of was mine. It was a beautiful yellow lab around 3 years old. She explained he had been running around endlessly looking for it’s owner. I said no and immediately checked to find a number to reach the owner, only to find he had no tags. It was getting dark out, sooner than usual because of daylight non-savings, and made me sad that there would be a chance that this loyal dog wouldn’t be reunited with its owner. I didn’t know what to do, so I just got the womans number in case i somehow saw the owner looking for the dog.
On my way back I couldn’t get the lab out of my head, and kept thinking that that dog could end up in a dog shelter.

Then, all of a sudden I saw a girl in her twenties running towards me. She asked if I had seen a lab, and I excitedly said yes. I told her I had the womans number, which I got on a whim. I could tell she had been crying and she, who never had met me gave me a huge hug and thanked me as if I had saved her life. I gave her the womans number who had her dog and she ran towards the location I saw the woman walking. I could tell that the girl loved her dog very much, but the situation could not have ended as smooth as it did. I decided to write this story to make sure everyone has tags for their dogs, both personal and government. When I find lost dogs and they have tags I can’t wait to call the owner to reunite the unconditional bond between a man/woman and their dog. Without the tags it can be very hard to reunite.

Tristan from CA