I only wish my story could be as positive as the others posted here but sadly it’s not. Even now it causes terrible pain and regret to tell you what happened to my beloved Shepard, Nick.

My ex-wife was a proclaimed “animal lover”. Indeed she was a horse woman and ultimately loved her horses more than me. But that is for the psychiatrists to analyze. She conned me into buying her a 20 acre horse farm in Vermont and once settled there she served me with divorced papers. I should have brought Nick back to New Jersey with me, he was my dog before we married, but felt that he might be happier living on the farm than being stuck at home in New Jersey while I was at work all day slaving to send her alimaony. He was a healthy 10 year old and I wanted what I believed best for him. During the divorced, in simoly an act of evil, my ex-wife had him put to sleep. There was nothing medically wrong with him. She used him as a means of inflicting pain on me. She told me after the fact, making up some bogus excuse for doing this. I was crushed. Had she stabbed me in the heart with a knife it would not have caused more pain. I wept reading your book Mark but wept more remembering my best friend Nick and how he trusted me and how I let him down.

Vin from NJ