Newfoundland puppy

I studied and watched dog shows and decided I wanted a Newfoundland puppy. I found a dear little girl, all black, 7 1/2 weeks old, and took her home. By 5 1/2 months, she was 70 pounds, tall and gorgeous, smart and funny. She loved nothing more than locating a stick and proudly bringing it into her own yard. But, she had to spend her life outside on a leash and her energy requirements were too much for my 76-year-old tiny frame. I could no longer hold the leash. I had to give her to the Newfoundland Rescue Group. It has been a week, and I am still crying. I pray the Lord allows her to live a happy life with a new family where she can run free!!

Gerry from MI

3 Responses

  1. Doug Says:

    Hi Gerry,
    I am sure your newfoundland is happy and running around with her stick!

  2. Larry Moak Says:

    Ms. Gerry, you did the right thing. For what it is worth my dog Juno came to me because she was too large and too energetic for her owners as well. It really worked out so much better for everyone including Juno. I know it was hard for you to do, but what you did was an act of kindness and love done in the interest of the that wonderful animal. Thank you for being brave enough to do the right thing. I can only suggest that you may want to consider getting a very small breed, (my mother is 80 and she has a small dog that I call my little sister.. and she calls Mimi.. and they are made for each other.) or maybe you can get a cat. I love cats too, but the difference is dogs have Masters and cats have Staff. Plus dogs totally understand cars and cats don’t have a clue.. but all in all, they still are very good companions. I am of the opinion that when we lose a pet regardless of the situation that brought it about, it is imperative to replace that pet as soon as possible.. like immediately, if not sooner. Nothing helps to lessen the grief better or faster or more thoroughly. So you consider that, Ms. Gerry, and please remember, you really did the right thing and I am proud of you for doing so. By the way my story of my dog Juno, will be posted here soon so keep an eye out for it. God Bless you sweet lady. Write me anytime.
    Larry Moak Gulfport, Mississippi

  3. Gerry Robbins from MI Says:

    My puppy is on a farm with a young couple. She has a sister beagle to run and play. My puppy can walk in the woods and get more sticks! And she can swim in a pond. I still miss her but I am so very happy for her.