My Mandy

I have Crohn’s disease and from time to time I get some very serious flare ups. The night before last, my husband had to run out to Home Depot to pick up some parts for work. I stayed behind with the thoughts of finishing the dishes and cleaning up. I went to sit down in our family room for a few minutes to do some spiritual reading, and WHAM, I was hit with pain in my abdomen like you could not believe. It put me out of the chair and onto the floor. I was literally feeling like someone was taking a knife and slicing my stomach open.

My Mandy (she is a Mini Schnauzer) sat right by me. I told her to go get my son who was upstairs, but she would not budge. I knew I had to get upstairs but I couldn’t move. As the pain got to a more managable point, I managed to literally crawl to the staircase and as I did, Mandy was with me all the way. She took my shirt sleeve in her mouth, not biting my arm but trying her best to help me and support me as we both climbed the stairs. By the time I got to the top of the stairs I looked liked I had been in the spa for a quick dip. I managed to make it to our bedroom and crawled into bed. By this time I was freezing cold. Mandy was there again, this time putting herself between the blankets and me and trying her best to warm me, all the while giving me an assuring lick on the face to let me know she was there.

That dog didn’t leave my side. My husband finally came home and was shocked to find me in that condition. Mandy wouldn’t let him near me. When I was finally able to take and retain my medication, she was there. When I got up to use the bathroom, she went with me. As I write this right now, she sits at my feet. This morning I again had a brief spell but not nearly as bad as the night before last. Again, Mandy put herself into action and stayed with me until I told her I was alright and that she could go with our other dogs, Max and Madison. Madison who is 12 yrs old is having her own health issues. Her right back leg is almost lame and she can barely stand on it. Each morning my husband has to carry her down the stairs but she is right there by the side of my bed at night. Max our shelter dog lays at the foot of the bed. All three came and saw me periodically throughout the day yesterday knowing I was not well. Guess who was leading them in, Mandy. We think she was the runt of the litter as she is very tiny for a Mini Schnauzer but her love is as big as this earth. She is just a joy.

I am thankful that she is 2 yrs old so I know that we will have her for many more years, God willing. Our Madison however I fear is getting to that point where a decision will need to be made. She has an auto immune disease called Pemphagus which will eventually be her downfall but you would never know it. She never wimpers or complains. That was the reason why we got Mandy. Max our shelter/rescue dog is so attached to her (Madison) that our vet told us that he could also pass because of loneliness after Madison. So that is how we got three dogs. Max and Mandy are like brother and sister. Madison is like the mom of the bunch. I wouldn’t trade any of them. They are without a doubt the best dogs anyone could own. We so are blessed to have them.

Julie from CA