My Dear Abby

Abby was our Golden Retreiver growing up in Spokane, Wa. We were a family of five children with my mother who raised us as a single Mom. She lived with a lot of extreme pain but would always have a smile for Abby. Abby would always greet her and us with a smile as we would come home. Her tail whipping up a frenzy as we welcomed all of her wet slobbery kisses and whacks from her tail!!!! We grew up amidst a lot of pain and anger from our Father leaving us but Abby would cover that pain with her love and smile each day. God had placed her with us I believe to help deal with the pain and anger.

I will never forget the day I came home from college due to a phone call from my mother stating that Abby was very sick and that I should come home as soon as I could. She was 16 years old , she looked at me with her tail wagging and her loving eyes even when she was sick and in pain.

We knew it was time to let her go so that she would not have to deal with the extreme pain that she was dealing with.

My mother and I took her to her Vet. My mother could not go in the room with the doctor. I could not leave her alone. The vet was very kind and let me hold her head as she was given the shot to put her to sleep in heaven. She looked at me once last time as her head slowly went limp in my hands. I cried so hard much harder than I ever cried in my life. She was always my bright spot and best companion and friend. I miss you Abby to this day…..

Bill from WA