My Buster

Your book could not have been released at a better time. I lost my best friend and soul mate on Saturday, 9/8/07. I had rescued him 11 years earlier from the Humane Society. He was part lab and part German Shephard, but the vet said he was just a good old country hound dog. He woke me up that morning panting, and I thought he wanted to go out. When I turned the light on, he had collapsed on the floor and was having trouble breathing. I got on the floor with him and he started acting like he was unable to get any air, so I started breathing into his nostrils, trying to save him. He died in my arms about 15 minutes after he woke me up. I assume he had a heart attack.

My Buster had been my closest friend for years. Regardless of the fact that I am married and have 3 children and 9 grandchildren, this dog would look me directly in the eyes and speak to my soul. He talked to me, using different barks for different things. He would show me what he wanted when I could not understand him. He stayed with me through surgeries, a mugging, and many days of pain caused by my migraines. We both had arthritis, so we would take our medicine toether each night, and he would remind me when I forgot to give it to him!
When he died, it was all my husband could do to get me off the floor. All I wanted to do was lay there with him and tell him how much I loved him and how sorry I was that I could not save him. We buried him by our front porch because that was one of his favorite spots to lay and I did not want him taken away from me. I still talk to him every night, often crying.
I did not think I could ever want another dog, but Buster “told me” it was OK to rescue another dog. I did not want our other dog to be alone. So, 3 weeks later I went by the animal shelter just to see if there was any animal that “talked” to me. I found a 4 month old Lab/Bassett Hound mix named Mikie. He was so layed back and calm, and he looked me in the eyes and talked to me. I brought him home. The first day there he started playing the same games with me that Buster would play, our little secret game we played when coming down the stairs. I knew Buster had led me to him. We have now become good buddies and he is starting to act like Buster when I come home from work. He is quite a joy.
I bought your book ahead of time and it came in the mail Monday. I could not believe how much my Mikie looks like Sprite. Of course, it is only in the coloring because Mikie has short hair and it looks like Sprite had long hair.
Thank you for what you have done. I still cry for my Buster and for all my animal family that has passed from earlier times. I am a sucker for these animals that have no homes.
I often ask my husband why we seem to always get pets that need such special care. He tells me it is because God knows we will take care of them so they will not suffer. I know I am going to see my “babies” again across the Rainbow Bridge. I look forward to it. Thank God for our pets and thank God for you.

Sincerely, Terri from AL