My Boys Name was “Tuck”

I haven’t heard many people open up as you did tonight on Hannity and Colmes. My experience is similar to yours, with the difference being that I could not focus on my business after having my boy put to sleep and I eventually lost my business and I have had to struggle to get back on my feet. When I realized that my boy was not feeling well, I physically collapsed and could not funtcion. For two weeks, I would hide from people in my life so I would not be caught crying. Eventually I had to put an end to my boys suffering, and I haven’t stopped crying since. He left me on june 14, 2001. I would like to read your book but I don’t think I could handle it.

My Boys Name was “Tuck”
Dec 31st 1989 – June 14th 2001.

Jason from NY

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  1. Nancy from Texas Says:

    I’m so sorry to hear about Tuck. I lost my girl Coco this summer. We love our pets so much and they become like a member of our family. Losing her has left such a big hole in our heart, it doesn’t seem like it will ever heal.

  2. Aussie Phil Says:


    You MUST read Mark’s Book. It will start to bring healing. It is amazing how God will comfort you through others who have gone through this. You have to get through your grief. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and GIVE OUT to OTHERS. Take your mind off the sorrow and meditate upon the JOYFUL things that you remember.

    I am still sad for the things I did to my first dog as a stupid, spoilt child, but I know that God has forgiven me because He gave me TWO other dogs in my life that I did not look for, one in Sydney, Australia and the other Robbie, the wonder dog, here in Placerville, in HIS PERFECT TIMING.

    I am very much grieving now for him, but I, too amd writing about the JOY he gave out to so many people, and this is no coincidence that Mark has published his book. READ THE BOOK NO MATTER HOW IT FEELS.


    Aussie Phil

  3. Joe Howard Says:

    I know how hard it is to lose a dog and how the pain lingers but just remember we cannot make them live forever but we can make their lives full of joy in the way they bring joy to us.
    As soon as you are able, find a new companion, ideally at a shelter, not to replace Tuck but to bring a new joy to your life and for you to provide love and companionship to enrich its life.