I had Baby for 10 and half years. Baby was my cat.She started to vomit when I first got her was at the vet countless times.And finally the vet tells me when he finally gave me meds “I guarteee she won’t take the medicine now”Imaginehow crestfallen I was.Her vomiting was more frequent.And I was iterally chasing after her mess’ with club soda[that is an excellent stain remover].So here I just put mom in a nursing home , and the constant stress of her vomiting and making sure she eats the pill. So like you I made that horrible decision to put her to sleep,I was so upset crying etc. some neighbor in the apt. blding thought my mother died.So naturally I changed vets ..too late. I was so upset all I rember was leaving her carrying case on sect. /nurse desk and left, And from Jan 19th on tI prayed for Baby . And about 1 mo. later the vet sent me a sympthathy card . And I thouught that was God’s way of telling me to let go.So I waited until the spring to adopt a kitten. I have to put security down for cats so I old the manager wait till they mate. And I ‘m a proud owner of a a calico cat by name of Muffin.

Jane from NJ