I am only 12 but feel your pain. I just finished reading your book and cried alot at the end. I never lost a dog to death but I really fell in love with Sprite. My grandma got rid of a dog named Muffin. She put her up for adoption because of her seperation problem. I really miss her. I don’t know how you dealt with Sprites death but I think I would have risked the surgery because that way he may have had a chance. I hope Pepsi and Griffen are doing good still though.


Kayla from IL

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  1. Maria Says:

    When I was approximately 8 years old or more, my father brought home a Lhaso Apso from a friend of his. It was a cute dog. Dad named her Lambie. We kept her for about a year. Unfortunately, Lambie had some behaviorial problems which we tried to fix. She use to chase her tail constantly. My mom decided that we had to get rid of the dog. I really loved her despite of her behavorial problems (such as aggression), but she had given me some joy for that short period of time. She was a hell of a watchdog though. She really protected our backyard by chasing strangers and neighbors out of there. To this very day, your dog story really had me thinking what had happened to Lambie. She is probably no longer on this earth but I always have wondered what happened when my parents had given her away.

    May she rest in peace.