Mr. Tiger and Ms. Tova

I do not write very well but I feel that after listening to you talk about your “beloved” dog Sprite I can only say that I feel the same way about the loss of my two dogs.

A day does not go by that I do not think of my Mr. Tiger and Ms. Tova. They are brother and sister cocker spaniels and we had them since 1991. We adopted the dogs from a family in Maryland and they fit right into the family.

We had to put Ms. Tova down in 2004 after three operations for cancer the previous tow years. The last time there was a tumor wrapped around her aorta and the doctor said that she could not be saved and she sould be allowed to go with her dignaty. At the end she could not see and could not hold her bowls any longer but if it were a case of money there could not be enough that I would not spend to have her with me today. Tiger lasted until last year and just ran out of gas after 16+ years. He had lost alot of weight and he had touble seeing also. I love my dogs and talk to them every night as we have their ashes. My new pet (a Barn Cat) that adopted us sits and we talked to the “Guys” before I give her her night treats.

Again I am sorry that you lost your freind Sprite and hope you can have a relationship with your new dog just as rewarding as you had with Sprite. I hope someday I will be able to have a relationship with my new pets.


John from VA