Ours is the story of a rescued Great Dane crossbreed that blessed our lives for over 13 years. 105 pounds of unconditional love and kindness. Over a period of 6 months we watched the signs that her time with us was ending … she blessed us even at the end, quietly dying on her blankets in our home on June 2, 2007 — saving us the horrible choice of putting her to sleep. Over the years I have donated my meager time and money to animal shelters and organizations like ASPCE, The Humane Society of the US, and others. My only sanity in working at the shelters is realizing I can’t save them all, so I’ll try to save one or two at a time and find them good homes. The numbers are overwhelming — and the dogs deserve better. Each dog saved, like your Sprite, is a life changed and worth the effort. We miss Morgan, our Great Dane cross, every day since June — much like your Sprite, the reminders are everywhere and the loneliness is great. Thank you so much for the book “Rescuing Sprite” — I bought four copies so my wife and my two daughers and I can have a tribute copy for your Sprite and our Morgan. Thank you for writing the book — it brought me great joy and tremendous empathy. What a wonderful gift our dogs give to our lives! Best wishes to the Levin family now and in the holidays ahead.

Vincent and Tamara from New Mexico