Moose and Logan

In 1986 I moved into a house in Redondo Beach, Ca. with a grade school friend. After a few months we decided to get some dogs. We didn’t want to break them up because they were the last 2 in the litter so I took the female and he took the male. I named mine Moose and his was Logan. Anyway I moved back to Dallas and Moose lived for 13 years. She started to collapse and have trouble walking and the day of December 14, 1999 is one of the worst in my life because it’s the day I had to finally decide to have her put to sleep. For the next few months I couldn’t even think of getting another dog but one day my sister said she knew somebody with black lab puppies and I should go take a look. 9 years later I have my best friend Kelly sitting on the floor next to me while I type this and I can’t think what my life would be without her. She makes me laugh and drives me nuts and like I tell my friends with no dogs,”every boy should have a dog”.\

Paul from TX