Moocher, Muttley and Raven

Thank you very much for writing your book Rescuing Sprite. I could not stop reading it once I started. I admit that after hearing you…….. Sorry about that my dog just interrupted me to get her a treat – she has me well trained……. on the Radio and on TV I had to buy the book and write you this letter.

In 2000 I was working for a company in which the owner of company was convicted of bribing a US Congressman – you might know the name of the congressman – Jim Trafficant! The company went bankrupt, and to say it nicely they did not pay their employees or contractors….I lost everything, my house, my car and almost my life… It is amazing how so called friends evaporate when you stumble and they leave even faster when you fall and are in need of just someone to listen to you. To put it lightly it was bad time in my life…..but there was one, ok three, friends who never left my side, my dogs, Moocher, Muttley and Raven…..Every night I would come home they were always glad to see me, no matter what type of mood I was in, or how bad the day had been. They gave me a comfort and solace that is hard to describe –much like unconditional love towards someone. The joy and comfort that they brought me was immeasurable. They did get me through some very tough years and I feel blessed to have them and know that I could never repay them for all they did for me or what they meant to me.

Like Sprite, they were all rescue dogs that I adopted. Since then Moocher and Muttley have died. I was fortunate that Moocher died of old age and did so peacefully in his sleep. But again one of the toughest days of my life was when I came home and realized that Muttley was in congestive heart failure and that I had to make the decision to put him down. I rushed him to Companion Animal Hospital in Fairfax Station, VA and the Veterinarian agreed that Muttley was in CHF and there was little they could do. Muttley was suffering from diabetes for the past 5 or 6 years and now with CHF it I knew logically that he had to be put down, but it was the most difficult decision that I had to make. Excuse me while I wipe the tears from my eyes…….The veterinarian was the most compassionate person that I have ever met and gave me all the time that I needed to make that God awful decision to put Muttley down… But I knew that it was best for Muttley. Muttley was the happiest dog that I have ever had; it is hard to let a friend like that go….
Raven is still with me and is my greatest fan – What else can I say!

I emphasize and know with what you went through with Sprite and in the words of BJ Clinton – feel your pain! You have written so eloquently the joys of having a faithful friend and the emotions of losing them, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart and wish you and your family, even the 4 legged members, health, wealth and prosperity – you deserve it!

Walter from VA