Monty and Lindy

I just discovered your program about a month ago and since then I’ve downloaded most of the programs on your website and have greatly enjoyed them. I just wanted to share briefly about two of the losses I’ve experienced in my life. When my wife and I were married over 43 years ago we got a little Poodle puppy who quickly became the center of our home. He was a joy to be around, so full of energy and life. He was the kind of dog, however, who when he got outside the house he was very, very difficult to catch. He wanted to run everywhere and see all that he could see. Well, one day we were out for a drive and decided to stop at a soft-serve icecream place and get a cone. It was warm and we had Monty, our Poodle, with us and had the windows down about 4 inches. Somehow Monty squeezed through the window and got loose. He ran directly into the road and was struck before my eyes by a passing truck and killed instantly. Both my wife and I had never experience such pain and grief. We decided that same day to get another Poodle, Lindy, who after some time began to fill the void Monty’s death left but we never forgot him.

My second loss was the death of our 22 year old son on Sept 2, 1992. I thouht I would not survive. I felt like my heart and lungs and total insides had been ripped out by a giant steel claw and left me a shell. I remained that way literally for several years and listening to the beautiful stories you have shared along with your listeners has reminded me of the grief. My wife and I have gotten involved in our church now facillitating a grief recovery group for those who have lost dear loved ones and I’ve learned how important it is to share with others who are going through the same pain. They say grief shared is in one sense grief divided, it does help. Also, the most important thing I’ve learned is that grief is the cost we pay for loving. The more love, the deeper the grief, and it doesn’t matter if it’s your extended family in your pet or a personal family member.
God bless you, Mark, for writing the book and touching so many of us who have gone through and are still going through grief.
Larry from NC