Your book has come at the right time for my wife and I..We lost our best pal our love. our child this past Oct 22, our little Maltese ( Monshee)to a long battle ( 8 months) to cancer we did all we could, we called him Muhie for short I only hope I can be as tuff as that little guy, we got when he was two months old and for the next 10 years 7 months and 21 days he was the center of our lives and us his, always ther for us the pain is so deep he was a person to only more. It help`s to know that most people feel the way we do, we wher blessed to have him but now he`s gone, a part of our heart is gone. I took the long way around but thanks the word we hear on your show help`s more then you know,…but you do don`t you. God bless and thanks.

Mario from NY