Just a quick note that I had to have my dog Molly put to sleep on the morning September 18th, 07 when I got home from working a 24 hour shift on an ambulance. I almost had to put her to sleep about 4 months earlier, she was in the end stage her kidney disease. The doctor gave us a some options of home care that I could perform and she responded well, but in the last two weeks her body just started giving up. The vet said we did a great job with her and that the extra time she had were good times, she wasn’t in any pain or discomfort, but her body was just old a tired.

Please keep us in prayer, we feel a very deep sense of loss, all who knew Molly loved her, she would just win you over with her gentle and kind nature…and her beautiful amber eyes just made it all the harder to resist loving her. It was hard to walk in the door and see her pillow by the couch. To know that I would never see her again step out of my office with her ears perked up and looking to see me walking in the front door. I think what I will miss most is when she would sit next to me when I was in my office chair and I would pet her. As soon as I would stop she would gently raise her paw and tap me on the foot to remind me that she was still there.

When my wife and I were at the vet with Molly it was very sad, even the tech’s were sniffling and try to hold back the tears, trying to be strong for us. I held Molly’s head in the palm of my hands and she had a peace about her. She wasn’t shivering or twitching, it was as if she was trying to be strong for us, trying to tell us that we had made the right decision and that everything was going to be okay. As the doctor gave Molly the injection I began to see her eyes grow heavy and then it was just as if she went to sleep. Her eyes closed (as much as they could, we were told that they never fully close, but in this case it looked like they had closed about 95%) and her breathing began to slow. I finally laid her head down to the table and kept my hands under her jaw so as to let her head rest in my hands. The vet then for what seemed like a minute or two listened for any heart sounds, then he pronounced her. I kissed Molly several time, thanking God in my heart for having given us such a wonderful gift that she was.

As my wife and I left the vets office I was reflecting how it was ironic that when Molly was a puppy, I had gone with my mother to pick her up, and on the way to my moms house Molly had sat in my lap. Today, as my wife drove to the vets office Molly and I were in the back seat and she rested in my lap being held in my arms…her life ended the way it began, in my arms.

Robert from TX