Our beloved dog was a mini schnauzer by the name of Molly. We purchased her from a near by pet store in Kent, Washington were we lived after retiring from the Air Force. There she was, the only little puppy in this huge cage. She was so cute. We fell in love with her on the spot. We are truck drivers and we haul for the military. She went with us everywhere. When she was 11 years old, our vet informed us that she had a tumor on her spleen and we needed to make the decision to either put her down or have them perform surgery. Well, the only answer was surgery. There was no way that we could put her down. NOT an option. We had to leave for work and had made arrangements with our neighbor (who loved her just as we did), to pick her up after surgery. When we reached Malmstrom Air Force Base the next day, our neighbor called us and told us that she died in her arms. We were crushed. Our baby was gone. Friends from church buried her in our back yard before we returned home. Our friend who is the funeral director at the local mortuary, gave us a beautiful bronze marker complete with her name and date of death. Our neighbor planted beautiful tulips that return every year and the memory of Molly still stays with us even though we now have two more mini schnauzers that we love as well.

John from IN