Here is my story.
All of my life, I have owned and loved and been loved by several dogs. Each one has a special place in my heart and they always will. My last 2 were Molly and Cato. Molly was a Bearded Collie and Cato was a Bichon.
My gradchildren grew up with Molly. She was a love and no matter what they did to her–she had the patience of Job. They hung from her ears; put their little fingers in her mouth—but she just gave love.
Cato came into our lives when Molly was about 5 years of age. He was purchased for my son’s mother-in-law but she could not handle him–so we took him. He was very big for a Bichon, had bowed legs, could not jump (had to be lifted onto the bed at night) and was never completely housebroken.

We enjoyed 12 loving years with Molly. She had a massive stroke and left little doubt about having to put her to sleep. She was a lady right up to the end. Cato now begcame our only dog and he develpoed a whole new personality.
Instead of being in the background–he became the king. In 2006 he became ill. And after a trip to the emergency vet–it was discovered that he had 31 kidney stones and needed emergency surgery. After the surgery he had little control over his hind legs. He could stand and walk but a quick turn would put him on the floor.
As time went on–it was apparent that we would need to put him to sleep. Everytime, I made the appointment–he would pep up for a few days and I cancelled the dreaded day. Finally it had to be done. It is always hard to make this decision–but they give so much –the only way we can repay them–is to give them a peaceful death surrounded by those they loved so much. This was done on July 16, 2007. I still look for their happy faces. I still remeber the good times and cry over the last days. But I know in my heart–I will join all of my beloved friends at the end of my life.

Barbara from IN