Molly a peer bread black lab came into my life when i started the first grade. she wasnt the typical lab. that being the slender energetic type she was very stocky but solid and had shorter then avrage legs she was very unique. Molly was with me all through grade school all the way up to the eleventh grade. She had everything a dog could ask for… plenty of land to roam never been leashed i remember at night when it was time for molly to come in the only voice she would respond too would be mine.my dad or my mom tried and tried but could never get her inside. molly had a favorite spot in the drive way where she like to lay it was right where the concrete and the dirt met and she would dig a small hole and lay down it must of been cool there and one day molly laid down in her favorite spot after a swim in the pond and she never woke again she was 13 years old

Travis from MN