First Mark, we want to thank you for welcoming us to come forward as a family Saturday night at your book signing. We are the family whose dog Mocha-Java passed away last Sunday at home. Your words and compassion meant a lot.
Mocha was rescued at North Shore Animal League

when he was around 3 months old. He, like Sprite was an amazing dog. He protected our family and gave us so much unconditional love. He touched the lives of family, friends and neighbors who felt an immediate bond with him. He never left the property when out on the front lawn unless we did and said to him it was ok. If I was outside gardening in the front yard I NEVER was afraid that someone would approach our property. He was right there watching over me.
About a month ago, Mocha stopped eating while my husband had to go upstate for two funerals. I wasn’t too worried about it because sometimes he did this. The day after my husband came home we noticed he was dehydrated. We called our vet and got the 24 hour emergency service directing to bring him in. We chose to treat him at home, my husband being a physician and myself a registered nurse. We gave him two liters of I.V. fluids that our vet said saved him. The next morning we brought him in for blood work and found out he was in kidney and liver failure. We got that corrected but the one test that was done was this rare blood disorder called

AHA, autoimmune hemolytic anemia. His blood count was critically low. Working with his vet, we kept him home where we know Mocha would want to be. For two weeks we gave him steroids, vitamin B shots, medication for his stomach and cooked him chicken and hamburger just so he would eat. His back legs were weak and he had difficulty standing so going outside was a chore. Going up the stairs were impossible so he slept downstairs on the second level several nights.
The morning Mocha died, my husband for some reason carried him upstairs to our bedroom. He heard him moving around during the night and was up with him every hour. Mocha made his way out to the hall way and Joe put his bed underneath him. He was breathing deeply, but not in any distress or pain. It was 4:00 am when he passed. My husband woke me immediately.

My week has been painful. I walk through my front door and his nose is not coming around to greet me. He’s not at my bedside for his scratch good night. I keep looking at his water bowl thinking I have to fill it. I think I have to be careful not to step on him at the foot of the bed in the morning. The loss of my dog is so painful that there hasn’t been a day I haven’t cried.

I never thought I could love an animal so much, but since losing and loving him I look at people and life so differently.
Mark, thank you for listening and for sharing your story of Sprite and Pepsi. I do enjoy your show and wish there were more Mark & Sean’s in the world. It would be a happier place.
May God Bless You.

Renee from New York