Mitzi and Maggie

My wife and I had two Shelties, Mitzi and Maggie. Each lived until about 14 years old. Both are gone now. I had the experience of putting each dog down, at the vet’s office,when it was her time. Each occasion was for me quite sad and I am not ashamed to say that I cried when each died. I chose to be in the room with each dog when it was time for them to be put to sleep because, in part, each had always been there for me. The least I could do was to be there for Mitzi, about five years ago, and for Maggie this past year. In each instance I simply put both of my hands, gently and lovingly on her while she received the euthanasia and said, “Good dog, Mitzi” and more recently, “Good dog, Maggie” and then said good bye. These were both good, smart affectionate dogs and they always greeted me with wagging tails when I came home each night from work. They asked for so little yet gave so much. I know I learned a lot about life, including: living, suffering, and dying through Mitzi and Maggie.

About six months ago, my six year old grandson, Michael, was spending the night with us and I could tell that something was bothering him. Just before tucking him in bed, listening to his prayers, and giving him a “good night” hug and kiss, he caught me by complete surprise. He said, “Grampy, are you going to die?” Well, in my 63 years of life that is probably the more difficult question I have ever had to answer- – let alone for this sweet, good little boy. I simply told Michael, “Well, yes, someday. But I don’t think too soon. Besides, I know you love me in your heart and so even when I die I will always be a part of you, right?” Mike smiled, warmly and said, “Right.”

Living and dying are indeed a part of life and I am thankful for having Mitzi and Maggie as members of the family.

Thanks for writing what I know is a wonderful book. I look forward to learning more about Sprite and Pepsi and I am sorry for your loss.

Rich from Michigan

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  1. Daniel Recine Says:

    I,ve had dogs all 52 yrs.of my life. Each one was special and very much loved. I’ve had yorkies,poodles,a sheperd,a chihuahua,a mutt and now I have two beagles. I have good memories of all of them and I know someday we’ll all be together again. The one thing I learned through my experiences is to cherish the moments I have with them because they are with us for such a short time. My two beagles, Buddy and Lady, are 11 yrs. old. Buddy has oral cancer but he his responding well to the treatments. Lady has arthritis and takes a little longer to climb the stairs. My wife and I spent a fortune on veterinary care for these two with no regrets. We know we can’t have them forever but we will do what we can to make their lives comfortable while they’re with us. Its the least we can do for all the joy and happiness they bring to us. My wife has a magnet on the refrigerator that says,” Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.”

    I’m looking forward to reading your book…with Buddy and Lady next to me. Take Care, Mark

    Edison New Jersey