My cat , Mittens, was a special cat. I got her in 1990 after she was weined. And for 14 yrs ,along with my wife and chidren, with had a great relationship. Anyway, in 2003, I had a serious operation, bypass in my right leg with a toe removal. When I came home my cat Mittiens came in our bedroom jumped up on my bed looked at me in my computer chair and started to cross over my legs to see me. But she paused when touching my right leg. She gave me a look of concern and crawled up my left , laid beside my right ear and purred, as if to say “It’s ok daddy i’m here”. In 2004, Mittens became gravely ill and we had to put her down , one the hardest decisions in my life. I sat with Mittens and petted her. When the doctor gave me time alone with her, I picked up her body , put her on my shoulder and purred in her ear.

Thomas from NY