8-11-97 to 9-11-98

And God said, “I’ve got a special doG for this old man. She will teach him and help him find the
path I’ve set for him.” And I said, “I’ve found that Risky Business line breeding I’ve searched for.
I told them I’d take a female as soon as I saw the pedigree. Five NFC’s in the third generation!”
And God said, “he must bond with this doG and feel the relationship that will prepare his heart.”
And I said, “This dog learns so quick, she will make me look good. We will work every day and
people will marvel at her retrieving.” And God said, “They are becoming one and he can find out
what a relationship should be.” And I said, “Misty post!” and Misty would jump into heal
position. I would say , “mark!” and Misty would be stone still and stretching as high as her ears
could reach. I would say, “Misty fetch!” and an explosion of blackness would careen toward the
mark with the speed that would cause people to ask, “Who is that little young dog? What number
is she?” She would loudly whine and groan because she couldn’t get to the birds fast enough,
causing judges to snicker and my heart to be proud. Then God said, “It is time for her to fulfill
her destiny and teach her lesson so the old man can progress on My path.” And I said, “She is so
good, I will try field trials because she is truly special. Today I title my first dog JH and train for
Masters and Field trials.” God said, “There will be a bacteria in the water I will not stop her from
getting. The symptoms will mask the terminal condition so she may fulfill her destiny.” Misty
titled and returned home, but her drive pushed her for more that day. I had forgotten to take the
collar off Katie. With nothing else to retrieve, Misty chewed the collar off and excitedly swallowed
it almost whole. God said, “It is time.” The bacteria caused Misty to be sore and stiff. As the
antibiotics worked hopelessly on their path and the long weekend rolled by, the collar separated
and passed a small part through her intestines…still attached by string to the top, cutting all the
way down. God said, “It is finished!” I said, “Mr. Vet., better operate and pull out that lump
before she gets too thin from not eating, but be careful, she will be a FC some day! The last bit of
dirt covers my love, but not my tears. “Why God? The pain is so much. We worked as one. She
was so good, and only one year old this month………..help me learn what I need to learn from
this. The big dipper filled the sky dwarfing all else. I wonder who is next? I’ve lost my love, my
first loss ever, and it hurts so much. I wonder who is next. (pause) Relationships…I don’t have
forever. Is this what I need to learn?” God smiles, Misty rests. And now Mark Pearson’s concert
has made me say to myself, “I need to work to see how good I can make every relationship. That
is the secret of life!” Misty smiles, and is never forgotten.

Bob from Washington