A friend of mine who was a WWII veteran received a Cock-A-Poo puppy named Misty to keep him company. She was a good companion until his eighth heart attack finally ended his life. I did sneak her into the VA hospital in a cardboard box to see him before his passing. One of his last requests was I take care of Misty. Being single and just getting out of the Air Force made owning a dog interesting. She witnessed a lot of ups and downs including the near destruction of my life. The health of Misty failed quickly in the fifteen year of her life. Failing eye site and not being able to control her body was hard to witness. I finally had to take her to the vet to be put asleep. I could not bear to drive by the vet’s office for a long, long time. There is a wide range of views on pets going to Heaven. I think they will be there so we can apologize and thank them. We are the lucky ones.

Allen from OH