Miss Fritzi

Miss Fritzi bounced into my heart on Christmas Eve, 1997; an 8 week old German Shepard Dog. I know others have loves wrapped up in fur, but this pup was like no other. Over the next 7 years, she grew from a set of paws and ears with a puppy attached, to the most beautiful creature ever created; sleek, strong and Oh, so noble. To others, she presented her aloof, regal and ever watchful side, but with me, she was all wagging tail and wet kisses. The only time she ever left my side was to chase the deer that ventured too close, always streaking back to me for praise and hugs. When she was just past her 7th birthday, she was diagnosed with canine lymphoma.

Yes, Mark, I know what you have gone through. We chose to have our pal (vet) come to our home to release my darling Fritzi. I held her head in my lap and stoked that amazing head, whispered to her over and over how much I loved her, how grateful I was for all she had given me and how very full my heart is because she was in my life, even though losing her was breaking it. She slipped away, and the world seemed a bit colder. It’s been three years, and I still smile when I remember how amazing she was. And I still weep because she’s gone.She sleeps in our back yard now, in a bordered bed of flowers with a puppy angel keeping watch. Today would have been her 10th birthday. I miss her so terribly. Thank you for the chance to share.

Hazel from WI