We had a sweet dog named Minnie. A Pekinses rescued from a shelter. Somewhat disabled born without a knee cap on her right rear leg. She walked and ran like “Chester”. She didn’t know she was different and we never told her. She was the biggest dog in the yard. Got tough for her to get around. Vet said she had problems in the spine. He gave me pills to give to her. I did.

Minnie was soft, long hair, frisky and, snorted. Usually when she was happy. She liked her belly rubbed.
Minnie was friends with our other dog Kate. An Australian Shepard. Lord they loved to play. I still see pictures in my mind.

They were pards and best friends chasing down things in the yard.
A couple of days after the vet .. I came home to find Minnie on the step where I’d left her that morning. She was gone.! It appeared to be a stroke or something. I tried to revive her but, it was too late . . she’d been gone too long. I held that small dog in my arms and cried, like I’ve never cried.
Kate was there barking and very much aware of the moment. It was a tough time for her too. Kate stopped eating for a bit. She wouldn’t sleep . . roamed and moaned … and howled sometimes. She paid no attention to the rabbits and things in the yard.

Now . . it’s been 8 months and Kate’s come’n around. We have a new friend we got from the pound. To us, she resembles Minnie . . to Kate who knows but, she’s happy again.
Dogs think . . Dogs feel . . Dogs care . . Dogs Love!