Minnie and Squirt

I listen to you speak on Hannity’s show about your Sprite and remember my own two pets who are with your Sprite in a better place. I can appreciate how you feel and understand why it is so painful to bring up the details as you are remembering the beloved memories. We had two sweet toy poodles. Minnie was the mother of Squirt, who was born in our house. They gave us such joy and companionship and unconditional love. My daughter who is thirty something still talks about them after almost ten years of their passing. Minnie had some health problems but was holding her own. Since she was 17 years old and winter was coming I had my husband dig a hole for her in case she didn’t make it through the winter. In the meantime, Squirt wasn’t feeling well and was taken to the Vet for a checkup-the outcome was he was in kidney failure. We were devastated by the news because he was suffering and we knew the decision we had to make. He was 15 1/2 years old but to us he was still a puppy. We were broken hearted to have to put him down. I never felt such pain putting my beloved Squirt down (I am brimming with tears remembering the loss). Never did we dream that he would use the hole meant for his mother, Minnie. I could see Minnie was so lost without him. I had to sleep with her because she was so lonely and sad. Within 10 days she stopped eating or drinking. Again we had the painful decision to put our second dog down. They were buried together wrapped lovingly in blankets. We were very upset to lose both pets in a short time. I couldn’t even think about another dog. It was too painful to have one and lose it. Seventeen years sounds like long enough but emotionally and physically its not enough time to spend with our pets. They were part of our family and lives.
I would come home at night and the house would feel empty and quiet. My husband without my knowlege scoured the paper for another dog. We found an ad locally for a toy poodle. I reluctantly went to see the dog. The seller greeted us at the door with this red toy poodle weighing about a pound and a half. I fell in love all over again and gave my love to Sienna who is almost 10 years old.
I can still remember my Minnie and Squirt like it was yesterday. They have left their imprint on my heart forever. I appreciate the opportunity to express my feelings about the loss of our beloved animals.

Jeanne from New York